Hello, my name is Matthew Long. I don’t update this page near as often as I would like. I have a Bachelors in Civil Engineering. However, I don’t currently practice civil engineering. My passion lies with computer science. In fact, I spend most of my time in front of a computer screen with a text editor, or IDE depending on the current project.


I have many hobbies such as coding anything and everything, video games, fishing, sports, graphic design, obsessing over a latest tv show or movie, and relaxing. Yes relaxing is a hobby… Who doesn’t like to relax?? “They” say to find a hobby that will help you relax. So why can’t relaxing, laying down doing next to nothing, be that hobby?? It is. Get over it. While that’s rare all my other hobbies help me to relax as well.


My go to hobby is coding, and it’s not even close. I love coding, and it’s become my passion. At the time of writing this I code most often in JavaScript and Swift. I also use HTML, SCSS, Jekyll, and more. See my portfolio for more!

Video Games

I’m what you would call an avid gamer. I stick to PC gaming for the most part, but I play Playstation too from time to time. PC MASTER RACE!

Most games I play are on steam; sometimes I play blizzard games too. Some of my all time favorites are The Witcher Franchise, DARK SOULS Franchise, Path of Exile, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. I also love playing indie games like Terraria and Salt and Sanctuary.

During high school I played World of Warcraft. No.. that’s not right.. What I mean is when I played World of Warcraft I had to go to high school some too.. I was among the top on my server. I multiclassed as hunter, mage, warlock, druid, and at one point a priest. However, my main was a hunter. Just writing this has made me nostalgic for World of Warcraft. The game simply hasn’t been the same since Cataclysm was launched.

Today I don’t play games near as often as I did before. Instead, I watch Twitch. Twitch allows me to enjoy gaming while doing other things that may be a little more productive.


I’m not the most active person around. As you could probably assume, my “sport” during high school was World of Warcraft. However, just because I didn’t play anything doesn’t mean I don’t love watching sports. My teams are the University of Kentucky Wildcats, Washington Wizards, and the Dallas Cowboys. Go CATS!


Ever heard of a photoshop battle? Photoshop battling is when someone posts an image somewhere, and other people take that image and try creating the best edited version. These edited images can be literally anything and are often very bizarre. This is typically done on the Photoshop Battles Subreddit. In fact, it’s the only place I’ve done it at. Either way it’s a blast! There’s an art to it! Yes, obviously.. But there’s more to it than just making the best edited image; you also have to time it perfectly on when to post and what to say with the post. I can get competitive sometimes.

I also sometimes like creating collages in photoshop. Some of my graphics can be seen on my portfolio.

Doggy Named Harley

In early 2016 I adopted a puppy! His name is Harley, but I call him Harlers most of the time. He is a Schnauzer and Lab mix apparently.

Harlers Me and Harlers

He’s pretty much the best ever!

About This Site

This site is primarily used to display my portfolio and extended resume. However, I blog from time to time as well. I typically blog about coding, and most often a recent project. I’m not against blogging about something random such as movies or even random thoughts.. who knows. I’m the writer and I don’t. Your guess as to what I may blog about is as good as mine.


You can contact me in a number of ways. The easiest is by email at long.matthew29@gmail.com. You can find me on twitter at @MaLong29 and LinkedIn at mtlong29.