My Site

Little inception for this portfolio post. It’s this very site!


I wanted the design of this site to be relatively simple because it has basically evolved into a giant resume and/or portfolio. That makes for a very simple site. The site also contains a blog typically about web and software development.

Landing Page

The landing page contains three portfolio entries that I can select using a featured: true declaration in an individual posts YAML. It also contains the latest 4 blog entries.

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Snapshot of the landing page.

Portfolio Page

The portfolio page contains all portfolio entries. I add and delete (typically delete them by hiding) them depending on many things. The objective is to always make this page the best version it can be.

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Snapshot of the portfolio page.

Blog Page

The blog page contains most blog entries. Once enough blogs are written I will make it so that you can paginate through them. However, at the time of writing this portfolio entry there are not enough published blog posts to have a pagination function.

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Snapshot of the blog page.


The source code of can be found on GitHub.

This site is built and maintained using Jekyll.