Random Collages

Below are some collages I have made using photoshop. Click to enlarge.

Game of Thrones Today

This Game of Thrones collage actually uses 16 individual pictures.

Original background and picture of myself. Evolution 1
Evolution 2 Evolution 3
Final Evolution

Retro Rustic Advertisement

This retro style advertisement collage combines 10 individual pictures.

Rustic Moon Collage

GMM #TakeAndMake

Good Mythical Morning is a YouTube channel that has a daily morning talk show. At the end of every episode they spin a wheel and sometimes the wheel lands on something called take and make. Take and make is when you take a still from that episode and make it into something else. This time you were to make them into aliens. Below is one that I made. It is made out of 15 individual images.

Good Mythical Morning #TakeAndMake

Jordan Dunk

Material Used

I used the following three images as well as various techniques in photoshop to design a simple collage of Michael Jordan dunking.

Original image of Jordan. Original image of goal.
Original background image.

Finished Graphic

The final project can be seen below!

Final image.