Senior Design

Historically a waste canal, sewer, and water conduit for the city, Town Branch is a neglected, hidden, and underutilized fragment of public infrastructure. Reviving Town Branch can catalyze the redesign of other single-use infrastructures in downtown Lexington. Town Branch Commons offers an opportunity to link rural and urban regions by improving the quality of water along with the quality of life. Phase One of this restoration project consists of research whereas Phase Two consists of design.

Project Media

Part of the senior design course is to present a solution to the client of which in our case were our professors. The following Brochure and Poster is what we presented.


The brochure is a front and back magazine style. Therefore, the pages seem out of order when viewed in this manner. Once folded and printed correctly the brochure will no longer appear to be in a jumbled order.

Brochure Page One
Brochure Page Two
Brochure Page Three
Brochure Page Four


The printed size of the following poster is four feet four inches by three feet.